The Collaborative and Values-based Learning Platform for Children of Age 12 & Under

How does the collaborative e-reader (“e-clover”) work?

It’s fun and easy to collaborate on reading online. Decide:




You want to read with


You want to read


You want to read together

You’re done! Read more books and invite friends and family to join in the fun.

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Red Clover Reader Benefits

Unlimited access
Curated content
Diverse & Value-based content
Books, videos, audios (English)
No ads
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Our Mission

We are on a mission to help families, educators and writers create and share guilt-free educational screen time solutions. We leverage the power of interactive learning technologies to help children and adults maintain a meaningful and productive relationship at home, at school and across distance. With stringent community standards, we curate online content to help children with reading comprehension, critical thinking and Social, Emotional Learning. As a result, we provide on-demand access to online educational resources that are high quality, inclusive, values-based, uplifting and safe.

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